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About Us

Our mission is to provide a unique comprehensive salon experience for men in a clean, professional & welcoming environment at reasonable prices.



Owner and Founder of High & Tight, Jimmy Barton brainstormed the idea of High & Tight for many months. The idea simply came from experiencing sub par services from salons all over the southeast. Most places are not at the cleanliness level that men deserve. Most places are not solely focused on providing services geared just toward men. Most places are not offering comprehensive mens grooming and hair care services. All of that combined led to the idea that there simply has got to be a better way. Men deserve to be pampered too.


Jimmy Barton - Owner 

Hight & TighT.... because men deserve to be pampered too!
Barber Scissors

What's In A Name?

The term High & Tight immediately makes you think of an Army or Marine recruit arriving at basic training for the first day and getting his head shaved before he starts his training. This type cut is known as the High & Tight (no worries we promise to treat you much better than that military barber). That was only part of our intent in naming our Salon that.

High-High expectations from our employees and the services they provide. High- High end experience like no other in South Mississippi. High-High standards in everything we do. Tight-We strive to run a "Tight Ship" in that we demand the utmost professionalism and service from our employees and the products that we sell.

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